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Winter’s Peace

It always amazes me how right after Halloween the energy shifts in nature to return to the earth. This year fall seemed like it would never come. Summer seemed to linger until October and the leaves were green until a week before Trick or Treat. But, as we turned the clocks back to return us to darker nights, magically the frost came and everything died. It always makes me sad to see the wilted plants and the brown hydrangea flowers clinging to the stems. But just as nature surrenders to this slumber and the annual flowers die into the earth, we too can surrender into the peaceful nature of early winter.

November is a beautiful time to embrace gratitude, not only because of Thanksgiving, but it is the time before the solstice. This is the true ending of the year’s cycle. The seven weeks between Samhain (Halloween) and Yule ( the Winter Solstice) are the weeks where everything dies and returns to the earth awaiting the arrival of the new sun. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and all you have received. Perhaps write each month and sabbath on a piece of paper and write something in nature that supports the beauty of the that month and how it makes you feel. Practice yoga and meditation that supports the throat and heart chakras allowing you to express the truth in your heart.

December is the perfect time to find balance between spending time with others and time with yourself. There is a reason so many holidays surround the Wonter Solstice. It is a time to celebrate the return of light! So set some intentions of peace and harmony for your new journey. In nature the new year arrives on December 21st~ the new moon is just a few days before on December 18th. Such a wonderful time for new beginnings. Focus your yoga practice on intentions and clarity. Allow yourself to connect to the infinite beauty of the universe~ be one with all that is around you~ awaken your spirit!

I have some great workshop opportunities to support our energy during the beautiful peace that winter brings. As well as my weekly class offerings that flow with the energy of the sun, the moon and Ayruvedic teachings.

Full Moon Salutations~ The first Friday of the month at Schoolhouse Yoga in the North Hills! A beautiful practice to honor the the peace and magical energy of the full moon. A wonderful way to end your week~ with yoga, meditation and live guitar music to accompany the practice!

* January’s full moon falls on New Year’s Day so we will have a special Moon Salutations class to welcome the New Year!

Kundalini & Chant~ Typically the Friday closest to the solstice. A great way to practice the powerful healing practice of Kundalini Yoga and chanting meditations. A great introduction to both. Be prepared to move body, mind and soul!

 Chakra Yoga at UNA Bioligicals~ TBA for the New Year~ check back for dates! Each class incorporates essential oils and herbal teas. These classes often sell out so you must preregister.

Kundalini & Acupunture~ Typically the third Friday of each month. A great way to balance the powerful healing practice of Kundalini Yoga with the powerful healing power of Acupuncture. A great introduction to both. Be sure to sign up fast as these workshops sell out!

¬† Chanting Meditation Class~ TBA for the new year ~ at UNA Biologicals. Join me and my friend Ashley O’Hara for a night of blissful meditation through chant. The perfect way to quiet your mind and heal your soul. Bring a pillow and a mug for tea!

Plus my weekly meditation yoga class at Kearns Spirituality Center & the Labyinth will be returning Monday, January 8th. This class will have a meditative flowing yoga sequence to awaken the energy of the body and the we will walk the Labyrinth or practice meditation to awaken the mind. Class is Monday mornings at 10 am and a $5 donation for the center & North Hills Community Food Bank!

Celebrate the Peace of Winter~ be light, bright and beautiful! Practice Yoga!

Namaste~ Kendell

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