Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga with Meditation~ ________________________________________

Do you wish you had a little more TLC in your yoga class? Have all your friends told you how great yoga is but you are terrified to start? Do you hate the thought of putting your foot behind your head, “powering” through Sun Salutations, or being asked to contort your body into positions that only a twelve year old looks comfortable in? Then this is the class for you!!! LKF-227696Gentle Yoga and Meditation is for everyone looking to catch their breath, stretch their bodies, quiet their minds and open their hearts. It is suitable for absolute beginners to the seasoned yogi looking for a quieter practice. In this class I combine healing and energizing Kundalini yoga exercises with a few standing postures and several meditation techniques~ everything from breathing exercises to chanting. Each class has a theme and is designed to bring balance to the body and mind with the seasons and the energy in our lives. Your body will move in ways that are designed to feel good and bring alignment to the spine so you can feel balanced even when you are not in class. Reduce stress, heal your body and mind and maybe laugh a little in the process. Class is an hour and 15 minutes long.

Flow Yoga / Kundalini~


Chakras are wheels of energy that live in our subtle body. When these energy “wheels” are out of balance we can have physical and emotional manifestations of these imbalances leading to a feeling of dis-ease. In this class I combine specific yoga sets from the Kundalini yoga tradition designed to balance the different chakras with flowing hatha yoga sequences known as Sun Salutations. Each class differs week to week and is designed to work in harmony with the seasons. This is a flowing class that balances the mind, body and spirit. It is a mixed levels class and some yoga experience is helpful, however several modifications are offered to accommodate each student. If you are looking for a class that not only gives you all the physical benefits of a yoga practice but also leaves you with a deeper sense of healing and spiritual peace of mind, then this is the class for you! Class is an hour and a half long.




Moon Salutation Workshop~


Moon Salutations were developed in the early 1980′s by four women at Kripalu Intstitute to balance the energy of traditional Sun Salutations. Moon Salutes tune into the reflective, intuitive energy of the moon focusing on hip and heart opening postures. Each posture is held for several seconds in order to allow the body to accept the energy of the practice. It is a mixed level practice that builds stamina of the body & mind. In this  90 minute workshop I have combined the beautiful flow of the Moon Salutations with healing yoga exercises, chanting meditations, candle gazing and deep relaxation. The entire workshop is supported with live guitar music by my husband Rick who intuitively follows the energy of the class in perfect harmony. Each month follows the theme of the full moon for that month with slight variations to the Moon Salutation, mantra and music. A perfect way to end your work week, designed for all levels of yoga practitioners and a great way to compliment the more aggressive energy of the traditional Sun Salutations.moonsalutations

Women’s Healing Circle~


I developed this class in response to a message I received during one of my meditations. I had been working with many women who were is search of a group where they could come together to heal. This is the class my heart asked me to teach.

This class is designed to use the energy of yoga, mantra and meditation to heal the body mind and soul. It is open to women of all ages and backgrounds. When we come together in a circle, the power of the group helps to support and uplift all the members of the group. We will begin class with some Kundalini yoga exercises and meditations. Then we will speak an intention for healing in five words or less. We will support our intention by chanting a healing mantra and close with a deep relaxation supported by the healing power of guided